Lily's Page


Lily's funeral was held on Saturday 28th October at St Michael's Church Meadowbank,.

For those of you who could not attend the service for Lily, here are some photos and exerpts from the audio visual presentation.


"Shuu Bella"


The church was covered in orange and white lilies, with the green leaves
they created the colours of the Irish Flag.



Lily's friends Dermot Doyle and Janelle Knowles created an unforgettable word picture of Lily.

A copy of this can be read at the end of this page..

Fellow Halloran student Jessica Halloran spoke with Aoibhinn Gallagher who danced with Lily and also went to school with her.


Lily's boyfriend Adam spoke of his love for his Lily Her sister Jennifer reflected on the ups and downs of life in the same house with Lily!

Adam then sang the song "A 'Lil song for Lil"
which he had written for her


The talented Daisy Cousens who dances in Lily's section sang "You Lift me Up" for the recessional. Her clear voice held to the end of a very difficult performance.


Afterwards all the dancers formed a guard of honour for the funeral procession. They held bunches of lilies up as Lily passed by.


At the wake Dermot Doyle received a standing ovation for his heart felt dance for Lily.


Then everyone joined in the dancing on stage.


A very mixed eight

And some new converts to Irish dancing - Lil's mates from school.


Excepts of Liy's photo montage that was shown while Adam sang his song.


That pointed toe started early in life.


Lily takes over at school.


Those famous feet.

Her creation for her Major work for Textiles and Design.

A Dior retro.


One of the B&W photos taken by her school friend for a photography project.

A famous creation for the school swimming carnival.

Not a Dior retro


Anne and Jennifer with Lily.


Step about for NSW State Championships 2006.


Halloran champions July 2006.

Stepabout 2003.


Lil and Jen on a danceout.

Dermot and Lil on St Patrick's Day.


Stepabout 2003

Lily's teachers Donna and Leanne Halloran.


For those of you who have never met Lily . . this is her!

Lily and Adam

She shared the bill with entertainer Jade Hurley on a danceout and fell in love with his Jacket which she promptly "borrowed" to have her picture taken.

Lily's Alphabet by Dermot Doyle and Janelle Knowles

A is for her artistic ability and attention to detail
B is for the beauty she was blessed with, and her ballerina feet
C is for her caring personality, which she shared with us all
D is for dancing, one of her passions in life
E is for Elmer, her father whom she loved
F is for the friendship she has shared with us
G is for her grandparents, who were so good to her, and the glandular fever, which she conquered with such strength
H is for her heritage - Irish and phillipino
I is for her intellect, intuition and Ireland - the home of Irish dancing
J is for Jennifer, her adored and treasured sister
K is for karioke - a hidden talent of hers
L is for her infectious laugh and Leila her beloved poodle
M is for her mother Anne, whom Lily loved so dearly.
N is for her nose ring, which she wore with pride
O is for orange her favourite colour, and the fruit that she never ate
P is for the performances we did together, her poise, and personality
Q is for her vast quantity of friends, achievements, trophies and tributes
R is for the ridiculous mole she repeatedly drew on her face
S is for her stunning smile and her many wonderful and supportive school friends
T is for trebling, one thing she always did with perfection and in time!
U is for her unique fashion sense she proudly exhibited
V is for the vivacious girl we loved
W is for the wicked sense of humour she possessed
X is for the kisses she loved to throw around
Y is for her never ending youth
Z is for her zebra striped dancing dress, the zest she displayed, and the zero bad photos of her!


Lily's Step About - Canberra 2006



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