Hints for Beginners
and their Mothers.

A Survival Guide for the Bewildered.


Who needs this information?

Irish dancing is truly an international phenomenon, but local rules differ especially for beginners. This information is for anybody, but more specifically for dancers in New South Wales and the rest of Australia. There are some great sites for Irish Dancing but most of these are North American.

Why Beginners?

My daughter started Irish Dancing in 1994, and I knew nothing about it. Trying to get information out of busy mothers and teachers was frustrating and my first competition was a nightmare. I needed a book... but there wasn't one. So when I acquired enough information I wrote one. This is the web version.

While your child can learn Irish Dance without going in a competition, the fun that can be had and the motivation that can be gained from competition is a big part of Irish Dancing. The competitions are very rewarding for your child, learning to win and learning to lose and try again. And for the little ones starting out, 'everyone' gets a prize. The aim of this page is to give basic information to parents of children just starting Irish Dancing. It gives a brief history of Irish Dance, explains the different types of dances and music. It will also guide you through the first few competitions. Only a few of the rules of Irish Dancing are explained and these are subject to change. The Australian Irish Dancing Association would have access to a complete list of rules pertaining to Irish Dance.



(c) Amanda Finneran 2013 - Images Courtesy of Milton Baar at swoose.net