Irish Dancers for your Event

Many people who visit this site are looking for dancers for an event. Typically it is a Wedding to add an Irish touch, or a special birthday or a corporate event to add a splash of colour and wonderful Irish Music.

These are called Danceouts and dancers love this side of Irish Dancing. Dancing for the thrill and fun without the nervousness or the strict rules of competition. Dancers get very creative, and they will make any wedding or event an even more memorable occasion.

Weddings and corporate usually hire older dancers for their more professional presentation. Charity events and community events will use younger dancers who will dance to raise money for teams dresses or travel to nationals.


When enquiring about hiring dancers be ready with information they will need.

  • What is the event and where?

  • How many dancers?

  • How long a set?

  • How much room to dance?

  • What flooring is available?

  • Any audience participation? - Dancing with the bridal party can be a lot of fun.

  • Where can music be played?